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Why Twitter is Dead

  Since its IPO in 2013, Twitter has been a well-liked company but a trodden down stock. In almost ten years that the company has been public, the stock price has hardly gone anywhere -- $10,000 invested in Twitter at IPO would be worth $10,370 today; hardly keeping up with inflation ($10,000 in 2013 dollars adjusted for inflation would be $12,341 today). Twitter may have the most stark contrast between its reputation and the stock price of any other company today.  Many of Twitter's users revere the platform, not the least of which being Elon Musk, who uses only  Twitter, and no other platform. Musk has often expressed his love for Twitter on the platform, and more recently -- his desire for it to be more transparent and promote free speech. Twitter is caught between a rock and a hard place, as it is constantly caught between protecting freedom of expression and not giving a platform to bad actors. While Twitter is not constitutionally obligated to provide a platform for free spee